How to Add Glitter to Metal

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Things You'll Need

  • Stencil

  • Spray adhesive or liquid craft glue

  • Glitter

  • Paintbrush

Consider adding glitter to your favorite Christmas ornament.

Glitter can be used to add a little sparkle to your craft projects or a little pizazz to your favorite items. Children often use glitter to decorate homemade cards or to label Christmas stockings, but glitter actually can be applied to a multitude of surfaces. Metal objects, such as Christmas ornaments or bicycles, also can be coated with glitter. Applying glitter takes only a few minutes and can transform plain metal into a sparkling wonder.


Step 1

Tape any stencils, you plan on using, to your metal object. For example, you may have a Christmas stocking stencil for use on the front of a Christmas ornament, or you may have a stencil that reads "Princess," which you want to attach to the side of your bicycle.

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Step 2

Spray adhesive over the stencil, if you are working on a large metal object. Smaller metal objects will require that you apply craft glue with a paint brush.


Step 3

Sprinkle your glitter over the stencil. You can use one color or a multitude of colors.

Step 4

Remove the stencil, and wait for the glue and glitter to dry.

Step 5

Brush over the area, lightly, using a clean dry paintbrush to remove any loose glitter.


Consider using a sealant on the metal to keep the glitter in place for a longer period of time.

Use brush-on glitter, if you want your ornament to have a snowy appearance.


Apply the glitter outside or over a few sheets of newspaper, as some of it is bound to end up on the ground around your metal object.


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