How to Put the Bobbin in a Singer Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Singer sewing machine

  • Bobbin

  • Thread

A bobbin caries a small amount of thread that is inserted inside a sewing machine.

The bobbin on a Singer sewing machine is an essential part of making a stitch. The bobbin holds the thread that is pulled up into each stitch from behind the fabric. If the bobbin is not placed in the Singer machine properly it will not create a stitch. The thread can bunch up and become tangled in the machine. Some versions of the Singer machine will differ, although the process is similar. Always consult your owner's manual for specific instructions.


Step 1

Remove the cover from the bobbin case. Every model will differ, some have a button; others will simply pull off.

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Step 2

Hold the bobbin in your hand with the thread coming out to the left. The thread should wind counter-clockwise. Some models may need to be reversed, depending on the direction of the bobbin track.


Step 3

Place the bobbin in the case in the same direction. Pull the thread toward you. Leave approximately 5 inches of thread coming out of the bobbin.

Step 4

Wind the thread in the case in the direction labeled on the machine. You should see a small metal ring that wraps around the area where the bobbin is placed. Push the thread through the opening in the metal. Slide the thread under and around the metal. Pull the thread out through the opening on the other side.


Step 5

Thread the needle of the sewing machine according to specific model instructions.

Step 6

Turn the balance wheel so the sewing needle goes inside the machine. This will cause the thread from the sewing needle to wrap around the thread of the bobbin. Stop the balance wheel when this happens.


Step 7

Pull the end of the thread attached to the sewing needle. This will cause the thread of the bobbin to pull up through the opening where the sewing needle goes inside the machine.

Step 8

Pull the bobbin thread completely through the opening. Place the thread of the sewing needle and the bobbin behind the machine.

Step 9

Replace the bobbin cover.



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