How to Make a Homemade Glass Pipe

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Things You'll Need

  • Heavy walled borosilicate glass tube 6 to 8 inches long

  • Large canister of MAPP gas

  • Torch head for the MAPP gas

  • Carbon rod with pointed end

  • Leather gloves

  • Goggles

  • Heavy clothing

Glass is a material commonly used to make pipes.

Substances such as tobacco have been smoked out of everything from paper to corncobs. Many tobacco enthusiasts would agree that smoking out of glass is by far one of the best methods for smoking tobacco. Smoking tobacco out of glass will not alter the flavor of the tobacco as many other materials can. Materials such as wood or metal can give off their own smoke, fumes or vapors that can alter the flavor of tobacco and be potentially harmful. Although glass can be difficult to work with, you can learn how create homemade glass tobacco pipes.


Step 1

Put on the goggles, heavy clothing and welding gloves before beginning. Tie back any long hair that may get in the way. If your hair is past your shoulders, you can tuck it into the back of your shirt to prevent it from getting singed or burned.

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Step 2

Prepare the materials in a location away from flammable materials that is not too cold. Glass can shatter if it cools too quickly after being heated.

Step 3

Ignite your torch and adjust your MAPP gas flame so that you have a feathered point on the end of the flame. Begin heating the closed end of your glass tube. You want to make sure your glass tube has a closed end.

Step 4

Blow into the opposite end of your glass tube to begin creating the bowl. Make sure you heat your bowl evenly so that when it blows out, it is uniform. Keep blowing your bowl out until you are satisfied with the size. Remember, the larger the bowl, the thinner the wall may be. Allow your pipe to cool some.


Step 5

Heat a small spot on the outer edge of the bowl to make a hole for the smoke to pass through. Blow hard through the other end until a small hole appears. Allow your pipe to cool some.

Step 6

Heat the area around the small hole you just made until the glass is pliable. You don't want to it to be liquid or you might mess up your hole. Press gently with your carbon rod on the heated area until you form a depression suitable for a bowl. Make sure your hole is at the bottom of the depression. Allow your pipe to cool some.


Step 7

Heat a small spot on the outside edge of your bowl to create a carburetor. Blow hard on the other end until a small hole appears. Use your carbon rod to block air from coming through the hole inside the bowl. Allow your pipe to cool some.

Step 8

Heat the open end of the pipe and melt away any rough edges. This is your mouthpiece, so you want it as smooth as possible. Allow your pipe to cool completely. Your pipe is now ready to use.


You can anneal your pipe in a kiln to strengthen any areas weakened in the process. Try using colored glass or adding colored glass rod to your pipe to add aesthetic value.


Glass that cools too quickly can crack or explode. Make sure your pipe is completely cooled before removing your safety equipment.


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