How to Make a Nazgul Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Robes

  • Scissors

  • Wire brush

  • Gauze or silk

  • Needle and thread

  • Dirt

  • Black shoes, pants, shirt

  • Black gloves or armor gauntlets

  • Black stocking

  • Sword

The Nazgul are the robed, fearsome servants of the evil Sauron in JRR Tolkien's epic "The Lord of the Rings." Because they are invisible to the naked eye, they wear robes to appear as riders. You can recreate this look very easily by building up layers of material into a costume. You will be heavily distressing the robes used in this costume, so it's best to purchase cheap ones rather than use your own.


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Step 1

Obtain two or three black or dark gray robes. Ideally they should all be made of thin, gauzy material. Old Halloween robes, cheap bathrobes from the dollar store and simple homemade robes are all options.


Step 2

Fray the edges of the robes with a pair of scissors. You can also scour the material with a stiff wire brush to further tatter and fray the material.

Step 3

Sew pieces of black gauze or ripped up silk into the sleeves, hood and other edges to further the appearance of a character that is barely held together.


Step 4

Rub dirt into the robes. The Nazgul never took them off, so they became pretty nasty.

Step 5

Put on a pair of black shoes, pants, shirt and gloves. Pull a black stocking over your head to help conceal your face.


If you have a pair of armor gauntlets, these will look similar to those of the Nazgul in the movie.

Step 6

Put the robes on. Start with the heaviest and darkest, then work your way out to the lightest.


You can also carry a sword as a prop.