How to Make Elf Costume Ears

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Things You'll Need

  • Elf ear pattern, printed out

  • Double stick tape

  • Pencil

  • Craft foam

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Crayons or spray paint

The popularity of movies with elves in them has made the elf costume popular and in-demand during parties and other fun occasions. Generally, elves are perceived to be short creatures who possess magical powers and have the ability to make themselves invisible. One of the features that most representations of elves have in common is their pointed ears. Therefore, pointed ears are what make the elf costume really stand out. Without these ears, an elf costume would not be complete.


Step 1

Trace your print-out ear pattern on the craft foam. Make two ears shaped like an elf's, and cut them out. The ears should be shaped like triangles with widely curved bottoms and sharply pointed tips.

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Step 2

Draw a line from the tip of the ear pattern to the bottom. Then draw a horizontal line in the mid-section of the pattern. The two upper triangles near the tip of the ear are for designing lumps or bulges of the ear. The lumps will make your elf ears look real. Use a hot glue gun to create the lumps by making curvy horizontal lines near the tip of your ear pattern. Do it several times until the lumps are thick enough to create an impression on the front part of the ear pattern. The thickness of the glue should be easily seen when you fold the pattern. Make sure that you do not hot glue the base of the ear pattern, as this is where you will insert your ear.

Step 3

Fold the ear pattern. Do not press too hard, or the hot glue lumps will flatten and become invisible. Make sure that the base is still wide enough for your ear to be inserted into it.

Step 4

Color your elf ear pattern using a spray paint or crayons. Choose a color that resembles your own skin tone. This will give an illusion of an authentic elf ear.


Step 5

Put the double stick tape inside the base of the ear pattern. Remove the covering of the double stick tape. Open the base of your ear pattern and stick your elf costume ears to your own ears.


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