How to Make a Ginger Costume From Gilligan's Island

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If you're in the mood for glamour, dress up as Ginger from Gilligan's Island. Ginger was the sultry, red-headed movie star shipwrecked with the others on the island. Even though the Minnow was only out for a 3-hour cruise, Ginger somehow managed to bring a seemingly endless wardrobe of elegant, beaded dresses and alluring swimsuits. You can assemble a Ginger costume fairly easily with a quick trip to the thrift store, a few clever sewing tricks and some DIY jewelry.


Ginger's Gown

Although the character appeared in a variety of outfits during the series' run, one of her most memorable gowns was a marvelous, body-hugging, beaded gown that perfectly matched her skin tone. You can create a similar look with a vintage gown. Visit thrift stores or raid your grandmother's closet to find a floor-length, body-conscious gown. Look for one the color of your skin, or consider light pastel colors that complement red hair, such as pink, peach or gold. Don't be afraid to alter a dress if you can't find the perfect one off the rack.


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Things You'll Need

  • Seam ripper

  • Fabric marker with disappearing ink

  • Sewing machine

  • Pins

  • Scissors

  • Matching thread

Step 1: Remove the Sleeves

If the dress has sleeves, remove them: Turn the dress inside out, and remove the seam's threading with a seam ripper.

Step 2: Take It In

If the dress doesn't hug your curves the way you want it to, take it in. Turn the dress inside out and put it on. Have a friend pin the dress along the side seams to create the silhouette you want. Remove the dress with the pins still in. Sew along the pin line with your sewing machine, removing the pins as you go. After sewing, trim the seam allowance and press.


Step 3: Add a Slit

To show off your legs and add a little va va voom, make a slit in the skirt of the dress. Turn the dress inside out and lay it flat on your work surface. With your fabric marker, draw a line where you want the slit to be. Cut along the line with scissors. Turn the raw edges in 1/4 inch. Press, pin and sew the folds in place.



Remember to remove the pins as you sew.

Ginger's Hair and Makeup

Ginger is known for her light red hair. If you don't already have red hair or aren't willing to dye it, you'll need a red wig. Style your hair in a short to shoulder-length flip with side-swept bangs. Ginger's makeup was consistent with makeup worn by 1960s movie stars. Wear heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes, and apply a creamy pastel eye shadow to your lids. Keep your lips pale to emphasize your eyes; choose a pale pink, red or coral color.


Ginger's Jewelry

Make yourself a pair of statement earrings to go along with that stunning gown. For this project, use fancy rhinestones in sew-on settings.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 square sew-on rhinestones or crystals, 1/2-inch

  • 4 pear-shaped sew-on rhinestones or crystals, 1/2-by-1/4-inch

  • 2 baguette sew-on rhinestones or crystals, 1/2-by-1/4-inch

  • 2 flat, glue-on earring posts, 1/4-inch

  • Industrial-strength craft adhesive for bonding metal

  • Wax paper

  • Toothpick

Step 1

Lay the wax paper flat on your work surface.


Step 2

Lay the gems on top of the wax paper.

Step 3

Place a small amount of glue on the wax paper.

Step 4

Use the toothpick to put the square crystal into the spot of glue. Turn it on an angle to create a diamond shape.


Step 5

With the toothpick, push two of the pear-shaped crystals into the glue spot. Arrange them so they are aligned with the bottom sides of the diamond, with the pointed tips pointing downwards.

Step 6

Using the toothpick, push one of the baguettes into the glue spot. Arrange it horizontally under the pear-shaped crystals.


Step 7

Put another drop of glue on the wax paper, and arrange the rest of the crystals in the same fashion to create the other earring.

Step 8

Allow the glue to dry for approximately 30 minutes; then peel the crystal clusters off the wax paper.

Step 9

Place a drop of glue on each of the earring posts, and stick the posts to the back of the crystal clusters. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

Ginger's Mannerisms

Ginger's feminine appeal was not just about makeup and hair. To fully channel her style, adopt her way of walking and talking. Before your event, take some time to practice your body language and facial expressions in front of the mirror. Walk with your head up and your shoulders back. Let your arms swing loosely, and swivel your hips from side to side. To make your speech sound sultry, speak slowly, and keep your voice breathy and soft.