How to Make a Grape Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Long sleeve purple tee shirt

  • 12-inch purple balloons

  • Purple yarn

  • Safety pins

  • Tape measure

  • Roll of brown wrapping paper

  • Tape

A grape costume can be made with purple or green balloons.

Be a bunch of grapes and have a bunch of fun. A large colorful grape costume will get everyone's attention. This no-sew costume is easy and inexpensive to make. A group of people could attend a costume party dressed as lunch; one could be a sandwich, one a bag of chips, one a bunch of grapes and one a carton of milk. The other costumes could be constructed from painted boxes or bags. A bunch of grapes is an easy costume for a school pageant celebrating the food groups.



Step 1

Blow up at least 46 purple balloons and tie the necks in a knot. Tie the end of a 6-inch piece of yarn to each balloon.

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Step 2

Cut a 20-inch length of purple yarn. Tie the strings on six of the balloons to the yarn, spacing them 3 inches apart. The balloons will be very close together and will point in different directions like grapes in a bunch. Tie the ends of the string together.


Step 3

Pin the ring of balloons around the neck of the tee shirt a few inches below the collar. The balloons will point in different directions just as grapes do.

Step 4

Measure around the shoulders of the shirt 4 inches below the first ring of balloons. Add 4 inches to this measurement and cut a piece of string this length. Tie balloons to this string in the same way and pin it to the shirt around the shoulders, below the first ring of balloons. The number of balloons will depend on the size of the shirt.


Step 5

Put on the shirt and measure around the wearer just under the arms. Cut a piece of yarn this length, attach balloons to it and pin it to the shirt. Pin the yarn loosely so you will be able to take the shirt on and off.

Step 6

Continue adding rows of balloons until the shirt is completely full, and balloons are hanging from the bottom edge.



Step 1

Wrap the edge of the roll of paper around the wearer's head and tape it in place. Do not cut the paper yet.

Step 2

Continue wrapping the paper up to make a tall cone shape. Make the cone as long as you can. Cut off the excess paper.


Step 3

Twist the top of the cone to make a stem. Secure the twist with tape as necessary.

Step 4

Shape the twist into a circle to make a coiled stem.


Different shades of purple will give the costume depth and dimension.

Add a paper leaf to the hat or the neck of the costume if desired.


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