How to Remedy Salty Smoked Salmon

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A salt water brine gives smoked salmon its distinctive salty flavor. Offset this saltiness for a milder taste.

Prior to smoking, salmon is covered with a sugar and salt brine. This brine draws out excess moisture to make smoking faster and more effective. The salty flavor remains after smoking, and for some, this is too much. There are remedies for offsetting the flavor of excessively salty smoked salmon in your kitchen cabinets. These techniques will not remove all of the salt from the salmon, but make the salmon taste less salty.


Step 1

Thinly slice the smoked salmon. Thinner slices will not taste as salty as larger pieces.

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Step 2

Arrange the salmon in a single layer in a bowl and cover with water.

Step 3

Soak the salmon for 2 hours to overnight in the refrigerator.


Step 4

Drain the water off the salmon.

Step 5

Cover the salmon with milk and soak for an additional 30 minutes, if it still tastes too salty.

Step 6

Discard the milk and serve the salmon.


Step 7

Prepare a cream or cheese-based salmon dish such as a cream cheese dip or creamy chowder to further offset the saltiness of the salmon and omit added salt from the recipe.


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