How to Protect Acrylic Paint

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Protect your acrylic painted craft that you just created by applying a layer of clear varnish over the paint and allowing the varnish to dry. Protecting your acrylic paint allows the color to stay put longer and appear brighter than an unprotected piece of artwork. The clear varnish will keep smoke, dust, dirt and mold from ruining your artwork over time. Clear varnish can be applied to all the surfaces that you would place acrylic paint on.


Things You'll Need

  • Varnish

  • Paint Brush

  • Bowl Or Cup To Hold Varnish In

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Step 1

Examine the object that you painted with acrylic paint. Check to make sure that no dust, dirt or other objects is on the acrylic painted object. If there is something on the acrylic painted object clean it off before you protect the acrylic paint.

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Step 2

Place the varnish in a bowl or cup that you can throw away after you have used it. Check your paintbrush to make sure it is clean

Step 3

Paint a thin layer of varnish over the acrylic paint. Use careful brush strokes and make sure that you coat the entire object with varnish. Give the varnish at least 24 hours to dry and then apply one more coat of varnish.


A glossy varnish can add shine to the paint. Varnish allows you to wipe the painting or painted object clean with a cloth without damaging the paint. Varnish can help protect against fading from ultraviolet lights.


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