How to Use Canned Frosting on Cookies

Decorating cookies is easy and affordable with canned icing.
Decorating cookies is easy and affordable with canned icing. (Image: Heart with icing image by Elzbieta Sekowska from

Using canned frosting is an easy and affordable way to decorate cookies. Because it has been sealed in a can, however, the icing can sometimes be too stiff to work with and may result in crumbled cookies. By quickly kneading the icing in a pastry bag, canned icing can become pliable and easy to work when decorating cookies.

Things You'll Need

  • Canned frosting
  • Zip-lock storage bags
  • Tall glass
  • Scissors
  • Cookies

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Preparing Icing

Place zip-lock bag with one corner down in a tall glass. Roll the opening of the bag around the brim of the glass.

Place 3 to 4 tbsp. of canned icing in a zip-lock bag as close to the corner of the bag as possible.

Remove the bag from the glass and let all the air out before sealing the glass.

Massage and knead the icing with your hands so it becomes soft and workable.

Snip off a diagonal section from the lower corner of the bag with scissors.

Squeeze the frosting out of the bag and onto the cookies in a slow and steady motion.

Making Icing Flowers

Squeeze out a dot of icing onto the center of the cookie.

Squeeze out an oval-shaped ring of icing, starting at the top of the icing dot. Continue making oval-shaped rings around the icing dot until your flower is complete.

Fill in the icing ovals with a different color of canned icing.


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