How to Make a Queen Esther Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Queen-size purple sheet

  • Measuring tape

  • Sewing pins

  • Chalk

  • 2 jeweled brooches

  • Braided gold satin cord

  • Gold tassels

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • 12" x 18" inch extra-stiff sheet of plastic canvas

  • 2 sheets gold felt

  • Hot glue

  • Glue gun

  • 1 yard beaded trim

  • Jeweled cabochon clustered brooch

  • Flat glass beads

  • Tiara base

Queen Esther would have worn flowing gowns while at court.
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Dress to impress and look your royal best robed as the Bible Queen Esther. There isn't much known about how this ancient Persian queen dressed, but you can be sure she wore flowing gowns and a beautiful crown – at least at the royal court. Wear this purple costume to show off your queenly affluence. Pair it with large jeweled earrings and a jeweled collared necklace, or choose an understated look by wearing a simple coin necklace.


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Queen Esther's Dress

Step 1

Lay a queen-size sheet onto a flat surface. Measure 12 inches from the top edge and fold that section down and pin it in place. This will create the flowing top portion of the gown.

Step 2

Fold the sheet in half widthwise. Your dress will now have one sewn side and one open side.

Step 3

Measure the front of the folded fabric across the top. Mark the center with an X.


Step 4

Measure the width of your shoulders and divide that length in half. Record the measurement.

Step 5

Use the center X as a starting point. Place one end of the measuring tape onto the X and measure the half-length of your shoulder measurement. For example, if your shoulders are 24 inches across you would measure 12 inches from the center X and mark the spot. Do this on both sides. This is where the back and front will connect with the brooches.

Step 6

Measure the length of your waist. Cut a section of braided satin cord twice that length. Hand stitch a tassel to each end of the cord.


Step 7

To wear, insert your head between the two brooches, and your arm over the closed side of the garment. Wrap the open side of the garment around you and tie it in place with the braided satin cord.

Esther's Crown

Step 1

Measure your head across your forehead and from ear to ear. Use that measurement to determine the length of your tiara pattern.

Step 2

Draw the pattern onto a piece of paper. Use any shape of tiara you desire. Cut out the pattern.


Step 3

Outline the pattern onto plastic canvas, and cut out the canvas.

Step 4

Stack two sheets of felt on top of each other and outline the tiara pattern. Add an additional 1 inch to each side of the pattern.

Step 5

Cut the tiara pattern out of the felt.

Step 6

Create the back side of the tiara. Hot glue one side of the gold felt to the plastic canvas. Make sure that all of the edges are slightly larger than the plastic canvas.


Step 7

Cut vertical slits in the extra fabric to prevent gapping. Fold the fabric over the canvas. Hot glue it in place.

Step 8

Glue the other piece of felt to the front of the tiara. Again, makes sure that all of the edges are slightly larger than the plastic canvas, and cut vertical slits into the extra fabric.

Step 9

Fold the extra fabric onto the back of the tiara and hot glue it in place.


Step 10

Decorate the tiara with the beaded trim, flat glass beads, and jeweled cluster cabochon.

Step 11

Attach the front of the tiara to a tiara base with hot glue.


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