How to Wrap a Baby Bathtub in Wrapping Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Large roll of wrapping paper

  • Transparent tape

  • Scissors

  • Ribbons and bows

A baby bathtub makes a useful gift.

A baby bathtub is an essential gift for baby shower, but presenting it as a gift can pose a problem because of its size. Some choose to go the unwrapped route, filling the tub with other items like a gift basket and wrapping it in cellophane. If you want to wrap the baby bathtub in wrapping paper, the easiest way to do it is to wrap it still in the box -- simply wrap the box as you would any other. If there's no box, you still can wrap it using lots of wrapping paper.


Step 1

Roll the wrapping paper out on the floor, so at least 6 feet of paper is unrolled.

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Step 2

Place the baby bathtub in the middle of the paper with the longer sides of the tub parallel with the longer sides of the paper.


Step 3

Pull the end of the cut side up and over the top of the tub. Tape the end to the sides of the tub itself. Pull the roll side over the top until it overlaps the other end. Cut the end off of the roll and tape it down.

Step 4

Fold the sides, top and bottom of the paper on one side and tape to the side of the tub. Repeat on the other side. There will probably not be enough paper to cover the tub.


Step 5

Roll out the paper on the floor again and set the partially-wrapped tub in the middle, this time facing the tub crosswise, with the sides facing the ends.

Step 6

Pull one end up and over the top of the tub and tape down. Pull the other end over, cut the end from the roll and tape down.


Step 7

Tape the edges down on the sides of the tub, folding as necessary to give it a neat look.

Step 8

Wrap a large ribbon around the wrapped tub lengthwise and crosswise. Tape in place. Attach a bow to the top of the ribbon with tape.


If you want to wrap the baby bathtub in the precise shape, push the paper into the basin when pulling the paper over the top and tape in place.

If any areas of the tub are exposed after wrapping in both directions, cut small pieces of wrapping paper and tape over the areas.



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