How to Make a Perfect Circle Out of Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Piece of string about 2 inches longer than radius of the desired circle

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Drinking glass

  • Craft knife

Simple string helps make a perfect circle.
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Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to make. Though a circle is a basic shape, making one out of paper can be a challenging task. Making a perfect circle out of paper without buying special tools can simplify the process. Your circle-making skill may be useful when you work on art projects and crafts with the kids or home decor projects.


The String Method

Step 1

Tie the piece of string close to the tip of the pencil.

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Step 2

Hold the end of the string at the center point where you wish to draw the circle on the paper.

Step 3

Position the pencil to make the string taut without moving the position of the end of the string.

Step 4

Draw the circle with the pencil by moving it around the center point.

Step 5

Cut out the circle along the drawn line with a pair of sharp scissors.


The Glass Method

Step 1

Place a the bottom of a round drinking glass on the paper. Make sure it is completely dry.

Step 2

Trace a circle around the bottom the glass with your pencil.

Step 3

Set the paper on top of a flat work surface and cut the circle out using a craft knife.


If you do not want the pencil line to be visible, draw lightly and erase the outline carefully after cutting out the circle.

In order to make the circle perfect and even, hold the pencil at a consistent angle. If you start holding the pencil at a 90-degree angle, hold it that way throughout the whole circle. The best way to stay consistent is to hold the pencil at a 90-degree angle.


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