How to Make a Rambo Costume

Rambo is a well-known character portrayed in books, films, comic books, video games and even an animated television series. Due to Rambo's tough-guy attitude and action heroics, males of all ages may want to dress up as Rambo on Halloween. As a Vietnam War veteran on the run from the law, Rambo is usually seen covered in dirt and sweat while wearing camouflage pants and carrying a gun in his hand. You can mimic this look at home with a few key items.

Camouflage pants are Rambo's trademark.

Things You'll Need

  • Camouflage pants or dark green khaki pants

  • Black tank top

  • Black mullet style wig or black spray-on hair dye

  • Long strip of black cloth

  • Black combat boots

  • Bullet belt

  • Black face paint

  • Brown face or body paint

  • Toy machine gun

Step 1

Begin the costume with a pair of camouflage pants. If you cannot find camouflage pants, you may also use a pair of dark green khaki pants.

Step 2

Choose a tight black tank top for the upper half of the costume.

Step 3

Purchase a black mullet style wig with bangs from a local or online costume store. Alternatively, you can also use spray-on black hair dye. Use your fingers to mess up your hair and give it that shaggy look.

Step 4

Cut or rip off a long thin strip of black cloth. The cloth can be purchased from a fabric store, or you can use an old black T-shirt. Tie the strip of cloth around your head and under your bangs. Make sure the knot is tied above the right ear for authenticity.

Step 5

Wear a pair of black combat boots on your feet. Other types of black boots or shoes may be substituted in.

Step 6

Sling a bullet belt over your right shoulder so that it is draped diagonally across your torso.

Step 7

Smudge black face paint under each eye with your fingertips.

Step 8

Smudge brown face or body paint over your arms. This gives your arms the appearance of being covered in dirt.

Step 9

Hold a toy machine gun in your hand.

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