How to Make Your Own Custom Sweaters

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Make your own deer head silhouette sweater.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Dress up a plain sweater by adding a fun silhouette to the front. It is a quick and easy project you can do with no sewing required. This project uses a plaid deer head silhouette, but you can customize it by using any pattern or shape you like.


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Things You'll Need

Gather your materials.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington
  • Sweater
  • Silhouette of a deer head (approximately 7-by-8-inches)
  • Iron-on adhesive paper, one 8-by-9-inch piece
  • Plaid flannel, 1/4 yard
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron and ironing board


Step 1: Cut the Fabric and Adhesive Paper

Cut the flannel and adhesive paper to size.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Measure out an 8-by-9-inch piece of flannel and an 8-by-9-inch piece of iron-on adhesive paper. Use the fabric scissors to cut them out.

Step 2: Iron the Adhesive Paper to the Fabric

Iron the adhesive paper onto the flannel.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Set the iron to a medium heat with no steam. Place the iron-on adhesive paper on the wrong side of the flannel with the shiny side down. Press on the paper side of the adhesive paper with the iron until it adheres to the fabric. This should only take a few seconds.


Step 3: Cut out the Deer Head Silhouette

Cut out the deer head pattern.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Draw your own deer head pattern onto a blank sheet of letter-size paper or download and print one you like off the internet. Be sure the pattern is smaller than 8-by-9-inches. Use the paper scissors to cut out the deer head silhouette pattern.


Step 4: Trace the Pattern onto the Adhesive Paper

Trace the pattern onto the adhesive paper.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Trace the deer head silhouette pattern onto the back of the iron-on adhesive paper that you adhered to the flannel.

Step 5: Cut the Silhouette out on the Fabric

Cut out the deer head silhouette.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Use fabric scissors to cut around the traced lines of the deer head silhouette.


Step 6: Peel off the Paper Backing

Peel the paper backing off the flannel.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

After cutting out the deer head, peel the adhesive paper backing off of the flannel.

Step 7: Iron the Pattern Onto the Sweater

Iron the deer head silhouette onto the front of the sweater.
Image Credit: Beth Huntington

Lay the sweater flat. Place the flannel deer head on the center front of the sweater with the shiny side down and iron it onto the sweater. Make sure it is completely adhered to the sweater.