How to Make Name Tags for Baby Showers

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Things You'll Need

  • Name tag labels (one per guest)

  • Permanent marker

  • Prize

  • White paper or card stock

  • Scissors

  • Brown marker

  • Safety pins (one per guest)

Baby showers bring together guests who may have nothing in common besides knowing the mother-to-be. Help break the ice for guests who do not know each other by creating fun, interactive name tags. One name tag idea involves guessing celebrity names. The other name tags are made to look like diapers with a couple "surprises" inside for the lucky guests. Creative baby shower name tags allow for guests to get to know each other and provide the opportunity to win prizes.


Celebrity Name Tags

Step 1

Write the names of different famous people on name tag labels with a permanent marker. Make one name tag per guest at the baby shower. Use the names of any living or dead celebrities, famous politicians, musicians or authors.


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Step 2

Place one name tag (with a famous person's name on it) on the back of each guest's shirt as they arrive to the baby shower. Do not allow guests to see what the name on their name tag is. Make sure guests know that they should not tell each other the name of the famous person on others' backs.


Step 3

Ask guests to talk with each other in order to guess which famous person's name is on their back. Each guest should start by giving their partner their own name, then ask other guests questions about their own celebrity. Only yes-or-no questions are allowed.

Step 4

Give a prize to the first person to figure out the name of the famous person on their back.


Diaper Name Tags

Step 1

Cut out 4-inch squares with scissors from white paper or card stock.

Step 2

Fold each square diagonally so it creates a triangle shape.


Step 3

Open up the fold on one or two of the folded squares.

Step 4

Draw a brown blob on the inside of one triangle with a brown marker.

Step 5

Close the flap and turn the paper so the long crease is at the top. Fold so the two points at the ends of the crease meet in the center. Bring the bottom point up to meet the other two points and crease to complete the diaper shape.


Step 6

Pin all of the folded shapes at the top with safety pins so that they appear to be diapers.

Step 7

Ask guests to write on their name tag (diaper) with a permanent marker as they arrive.

Step 8

Pin the diapers on each guest so they do not see what may or may not be inside.


Step 9

Ask guests to take off their name tags once all have arrived and the party has started. Tell guests to open up the diaper name tag and look inside. The guest(s) with brown blobs inside of their name tags win a prize.


You could also write "surprise" inside the diaper in lieu of brown blobs.



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