How to Remove Discoloration From a Sink Chrome Stopper

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish soap

  • Soft rags

  • Vinegar

  • Used dryer sheets

  • Aluminum foil

A chrome stopper can hold back a sink full of slimy dishwater in your sink, but unless the stopper is cleaned regularly it can become discolored and pitted. Fortunately, you can use ordinary household cleaning products to remove caked-on grease and mineral deposits from your chrome stopper and restore its original shine.


Step 1

Scrub the stopper with dish soap applied to a soft rag in order to soften any greasy residue.


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Step 2

Rinse the soap off the stopper in running water and wipe the stopper dry with a soft rag.


Step 3

Pour vinegar onto a soft rag. Scrub the chrome in sections using a different part of the rag for each section. Rub the surface until the stopper's discoloration is removed, then polish with a clean, soft rag or a used dryer sheet. Continue to the next step if the discoloration or mineral deposits are not scrubbed away.


Step 4

Crumple up a small piece of aluminum foil. Douse the aluminum foil in vinegar.


Step 5

Gently scrub the stopper with the aluminum foil. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, which can damage the chrome.


Step 6

Polish the chrome with a soft, dry rag or with a used dryer sheet.


Chrome scratches easily, so do not apply too much pressure when scrubbing.



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