How to Keep Cording From Unraveling

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Seam sealant or white craft glue

Cording is just one of the several different fabric trims you can use to dress up a sewing or craft project. In order to get the best results, though, you need to know how to prevent your cording from unraveling to keep the ends of the trim nice and neat. Preventing the unraveling of your piece of cording isn't hard--it just requires a few extra steps and some time.


Step 1

Wrap a strip of tape around the cording where you are going to cut it.

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Step 2

Cut the cording tightly against the strip of tape so the end of the cut piece is wrapped in tape.

Step 3

Apply a generous coating of seam sealant or white craft glue to the taped end of the cording. Allow the glue or sealant to dry before removing the tape. Glue or sealant should dry within a couple hours.

Step 4

Add more glue or sealant if the cording begins to unravel when you go to remove the tape. Allow this coat to dry before working with the cording on a project.


Both ends of your piece of cording should be wrapped in tape if you are bringing it home from the fabric store--they do this automatically. Seal both ends of the cording with the glue or sealant in the same manner. Seal any fresh cut ends when you cut a piece of cording from your personal collection.


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