How to Recycle Refrigerator Filters

Enjoy clean water by using a clean filter.
Enjoy clean water by using a clean filter. (Image: water drop and water rings image by glgec from

Refrigerator filters, such as the filters used for water and ice makers, require replacement every few years. As these filters collect sediment and contaminants, they become too "full" and can no longer filter properly. You must contact the manufacturer of your refrigerator or filter to recycle it. There is no standard recycling program for water filters, but some manufacturers do have a recycling program. Other recycling options include local health food or electronics stores.

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Contact the manufacturer of your filter. Ask about the details of the recycling program, such as where to send the filter.

Remove the filter from the refrigerator. The instructions for this process will vary by specific refrigerator model. Typically, you gently open the covering for the filter and pull the filter out of the refrigerator. Check the user's manual for additional details.

Address a large envelope with the location the filter manufacturers instructed you to send the filter.

Place the filter in the envelope. Seal the envelope and place the necessary postage on the top right corner of the envelope. If the total weight of the envelope is more than 13 ounces, you must visit the post office to send the filter. Otherwise, you may drop the filter in an outgoing mail box.

Recycle At Stores

Examine your filter to determine the model number and type of plastic, if possible. If your filter is made of number 5 plastic, you can recycle it at Whole Foods. If you cannot find a local Whole Foods, contact a health food or electronics store in your area and enquire about their filter recycling programs.

Open the filter. Dump the filter's sediment. You can scatter this sediment in your yard or throw it away using a plastic trash bag.

Visit your local Whole Foods store and drop off the water filter. Some stores have a special recycling bin for plastic filters in plain sight. If you cannot locate the proper area to drop off your filter, ask an employee for assistance.


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