How to Use Old Dymo

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Electronic labelers use keypads, but old Dymo labelers use rotating disks.

Dymo is a popular brand of labeling products used by many--from small households in organizing personal belongings, to large companies keeping an inventory of assets. One of the earliest Dymo products were labelers that used embossed tapes. Unlike the newer battery-operated models, the old Dymo worked manually by using your gripping force to imprint characters on a thick, self-adhesive tape. Although Dymo has been replaced by other forms of labeling tools such as computer-printed sticker labels, it has gained in popularity among craft artists who use it as a material for scrapbooking and making various kinds of artwork.


Step 1

Load the plastic cartridge containing the self-adhesive embossing tape on your Dymo labeler. Most models will open at the back, where you can slip the cartridge in.

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Step 2

Feed the tape into the labeler. The labeler works by gripping the handle or pressing it down. Pressing it lightly will feed the tape forward.


Step 3

Select the letter that you wish to emboss on the tape by turning the dial of letters.

Step 4

Press the handle down firmly to emboss the letter on the tape. To leave a space, press it lightly.


Step 5

Cut the tape when finished by using the cut button, which has a scissor icon next to it.

Step 6

Peel off the backing of the self-adhesive tape and stick it on the object you want labeled.



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