How to Use a Lanyard Properly

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Things You'll Need

  • Lanyard

  • Object to attach

A small tape measure and key are attached to a lanyard.

Lanyards are ropes or chains used to keep objects close at hand by providing a way to hang them around one's wrist or neck. Keys, identification badges and other small, light objects are commonly kept on lanyards.


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Step 1

Find the attachment point of the lanyard. Lanyards have two parts: the loop that attaches to your body and the point at which you can attach an object. Most lanyards have a key ring, small loop or spring hook for an attachment point.

Step 2

Find the corresponding hole or loop on the object you wish to attach. If there isn't an obvious hole or loop, you may need to make one or improvise using another part of the object.


Step 3

Open the spring hook or key ring and pass it through the hole in the object you wish to attach. If the lanyard ends in a loop, tie it onto the object.

Step 4

Place the larger loop of the lanyard around your neck or wrist.


Step 5

Adjust the lanyard to hang comfortably. Double up the lanyard loop if it is too long, or tuck it under your clothing if it gets in the way.



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