How to Make Coin Roll Wrappers

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Things You'll Need

  • Thick printer-sized paper

  • Pencil

  • Clear tape

  • Scissors

Coin rolls make storing and carrying large quantities of change much simpler

Loose change can be such a bother to deal with that it's easy to forget sometimes that money is money and all those annoying little coins can add up to something useful. Paper coin rolls can help make the process of saving your pocket change easier by storing coinage in set, useful quantities. When creating your own rolls, use real coins to measure paper dimensions and create rolls that serve the same handy function.


Step 1

Count out the proper number of coins for a standardized roll. Count 50 if using pennies, count 40 for nickels, 50 for dimes, and 40 for quarters.

Step 2

Stack the coins and secure them in a tight roll using clear adhesive tape. Wrap the coins both vertically and horizontally.

Step 3

Attach the coin roll to the paper for rolling. Place the roll on the center of the short edge of the sheet of paper, lining up side of the coin column with the edge of the paper. Tape the paper's edge to the coin roll, applying the tape to the underside of the paper and stretching onto the coin roll.


Step 4

Wrap the coins by rolling the stack up the length of the sheet of paper. Roll until the coins are wrapped completely by the paper, then keep rolling to create a second, overlapping layer. Trim away the remaining, unrolled paper at this point. Tape the roll in place, pulling it as you do so to make sure it's wrapped securely.

Step 5

Trim and roll in the paper around the ends of the coin stack. Cut the paper on each end a 1/2 inch from the end of the coin stack. Roll the edges down on each side until the rolled paper touches the coins.


Step 6

Remove the tape and unroll the paper.

Step 7

Use the first roll to reproduce other rolls of the same size. Trace the piece of unrolled paper on a sheet of fresh paper. Trim away the crinkled edges, then center the smaller sheet inside the new outline and trace this. Shade the inside of the smaller rectangle. Reproduce this shape and shading for each coin roll you want; the shading indicates the height of the coin roll for the correct quantity of money and the portion that should be wrapped around the coins for the correct roll size (with the rest of the roll being doubled-up around the coins).