How to Troubleshoot a Dyson DC18

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Things You'll Need

  • Long-handled brush

  • Coin

  • Scissors

Remove most Dyson screws with a coin.

Regularly using a Dyson vacuum can help you limit the number of dust mites, mold spores and other allergens that are embedded in your carpet. These contaminates can move through the air and pollute your home's air environment. Regularly vacuuming your floor is also a way you can keep it looking clean and new. The Dyson DC18, or the Dyson slim, is an all-floor vacuum that can vacuum both carpets and hard floors. If the vacuum breaks, however, it can interrupt your cleaning schedule. The Dyson company will pay for certain repairs if your warranty is still valid. If not, attempt the repairs on your own to save money.

Removing Blockages

Step 1

Turn off the machine and unplug it. Let the machine cool off completely. If the machine is blocked, it will overheat.

Step 2

Remove the hoses from the vacuum by pressing the yellow release buttons near where the hoses meet the vacuum.

Step 3

Check the inside of the hoses for blockages. Remove any blockages with a long-handled brush.

Step 4

Check the air intake areas of the machine for any blockages. The air intake areas are those areas in the machine where the hose is attached. Remove any blockages with a long-handled brush.

Step 5

Push the hoses back into the machine until the yellow buttons snap back.

Step 6

Remove the vacuum's foot by pressing the yellow release buttons. Check the inside of the foot of the machine and the base of the vacuum for any blockages. Remove the blockages with a long-handled brush.

Step 7

Slide the yellow screws on the bottom of the machine to the unlocked position with a coin. Remove the brush bar cover.

Step 8

Remove all of the lint and hair buildup around the brush bar with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to scratch the brush bar.

Step 9

Put the brush bar cover back onto the vacuum and lock it into place by turning the screws. Press the foot back into the vacuum.

Step 10

Press the reset button on the top of the foot of the machine to reset the brush bar.

Cleaning Filter

Step 1

Remove the dirt canister by grasping the handle and pressing the release button.

Step 2

Flip the top lid of the canister by pressing the release button and flipping the lid open.

Step 3

Remove the filter casing. Pull out the blue filter.

Step 4

Run the filter under clear water until it is completely clean. Wring the water out of the filter and dry the filter thoroughly.

Step 5

Put the filter back into the filter casing. Put the casing back into the dirt canister and close the lid. Put the canister back into the vacuum.