How Do I Change the Belt on a Eureka Altima Bagless Vacuum?

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Eureka Altima bagless vacuum cleaners have a brush roll attached to the power nozzle that helps loosen dirt and debris trapped in the carpet. The brush roll is rotated by a belt. In time, the brush roll belt will wear down or break, making the brush roll ineffective. Return your vacuum to normal working order by replacing the belt.


Replacing the U Belt

Before opening the power nozzle on your Eureka Altima to replace the belt, clean the brush roll of any built-up hair or other debris. Some users believe the belt needs replacement when, in reality, the lack of rotation is caused by a build-up of debris on the brush roll.

If you clean off the brush roll and it still does not rotate properly, you need to replace the belt. Purchase the belt with part number 61120B or 61120C, as they are both compatible with the Eureka Altima. In addition to the belt, you will need a Phillips screwdriver to open the power nozzle.


To replace the belt, press the handle release button on the power nozzle and lay the handle on the floor. Remove the holding screws on the left and right side of the power nozzle hood and place them to the side. Lift the hood off of the power nozzle to access the brush roll and the belt. The belt is located on the right side of the power nozzle.

Grip the right end of the brush roll and lift it out of the power nozzle. If the belt isn't broken, slide it off the end of the brush roll and the motor shaft pulley. If the belt is broken, pull it out of the power nozzle. Make sure you pull all parts of the belt out of the power nozzle or the pieces may interfere with the operation of the vacuum cleaner.


Slide the new belt around the motor shaft pulley and then pull it around the brush roll pulley. Note that new belts are tight, and may not slide easily over the brush roll pulley. Pull hard on the belt, but do not yank it. Yanking may cause you to damage the belt or the motor shaft. Check that the belt is sitting in the center of the motor shaft pulley and the brush roll pulley, otherwise the brush roll may not turn correctly.

Slide the brush roll back into the power nozzle and spin the brush roll by hand to ensure it moves without resistance. Replace the hood on the power nozzle and tighten the screws. The vacuum is now ready for use.