Pizza Party Board Game Instructions

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"Pizza Party" is a Parker Brothers memory board game that was first released in 1987. The game is intended for children between the ages of 4 to 8, and consists of colorful cardboard pieces of pizza and pizza toppings. "Pizza Party" is a matching game and can typically take around 10 minutes to play.


Step 1

Pull off and discard the excess cardboard around the edges of the pizza slices and ingredients. Count the game pieces. There should be four pizza slices, 24 toppings and eight colored "Switch" pieces.

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Step 2

Put a slice of pizza in front of each player. If fewer than four people are playing, set the extra pizza slices on the table to be used later in the game.


Step 3

Set all the toppings in the middle of the play area, face down. Mix the pieces well with your hands. They all must remain face down.

Step 4

Start with the youngest player and go around the table to the left, with each player taking a turn.


Step 5

Select a piece from the center on your turn and show it to everyone. If it is a topping that no one else has and your slice is without toppings, put it on your pizza face up. If it is a topping that matches the ingredient on another player's pizza, put it back where it was in the center.


Step 6

Swap your pizza slice for another player's slice if you pick up a "Switch" piece. You must take the slice with the handle that matches the color of the "Switch" piece, even if it is one of the extra slices laying on the table. If this happens, set your pizza down on the table in its place.


Step 7

Put the topping piece on your slice face up if it matches the topping that you already have. If you get a "Switch" piece the same color as your pizza handle, you must switch your pizza with any other player's slice or one of the extra slices. Your turn ends after you pick a piece from the middle and complete the required action.

Step 8

Fill your slice of pizza with six pieces of the same topping to win.

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