How to Play a Fun Game at a Get-together or Party

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Things You'll Need

  • CD

  • Treasure hunt items

A great game can turn an average party into a memorable event. It can get the party group mingling and laughing together while helping to pass the time and keep everyone from staring at the clock. If you know the hobbies and interests of the party group, you can cater the game to the guests to make the event even more enjoyable for everybody.

Music Lovers Lyrics Game

Step 1

Make a selection of the party group genre's favorite music. This makes the game adaptable to any age group. Choose 20 to 30 songs for an hour-long game.

Step 2

Record a small piece of each song onto a CD. Make a note of the line in the lyrics where each piece ends.

Step 3

Write down the lyrics for the following two lines of each song piece.

Step 4

Divide the party group into two teams.

Step 5

Play a piece of one song and then stop the music. One team, or one member from a team, must finish the next two lines of lyrics for the song. If the team or team member guesses correctly, the team receives a point. If not, the opposite team has a chance to guess for the chance at a point.

Step 6

Continue playing pieces of songs, alternating between teams back and forth. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Naughty or Nice Treasure Hunt

Step 1

Assemble a selection of items to hide. For a children's party, hide items that follow the party's theme, such as crowns and candy necklaces for a princess party. For an adult's party, such as a stag and doe, make the items as racy and sexy as the party group can handle.

Step 2

Hide the items around the party venue. Make the hiding places simple for children and progressively more difficult as the age group increases.

Step 3

Write down a list of the items onto two sheets of paper. Once your guests have arrived, divide the group into two teams and give each team a copy of the list.

Step 4

Send the group off on a hunt for the treasure. Watch little children delight in their finds and the naughty smiles on the faces of your grown up group of friends. The teams continue to search until all items have been found. The team with the most items wins the game.