How to Make a Diaper Pizza

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean, large pizza box

  • Receiving blanket

  • Disposable newborn diapers, 10

  • Sticky tape

  • Measuring tape

  • 1-inch-wide satin ribbon, 5 yards

  • Scissors

  • Assorted small baby care items and toys, at least 10

  • Small focal toy

  • Baby shower wrapping paper, small amount

  • Spray adhesive

  • Baby shower invitation

  • Hot glue and gun

Create a diaper pizza for a baby shower gift.

Instead of creating a diaper cake as a baby shower gift, take your idea in a different direction and make a diaper pizza. Diapers form the shape of the pizza crust and are decorated as individual "slices." Diaper pizzas are simple to make and, because they use fewer baby items and supplies than a diaper cake, this gift is inexpensive without looking like it is.


Step 1

Open the large pizza box. Open a receiving blanket and center it over the bottom of the box. Fold each corner of the receiving blanket to the center. Roll the folded edges of the blanket to the inside edge of the box, to form the base of the pizza crust. Tighten the rolls in the corners to round the pizza crust, making it circular.


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Step 2

Place a diaper on your work surface with the back side facing up. Fold the top corners to the top edge and tape with a 1-inch piece of sticky tape. The tape holds the pizza shape of the diaper while you work, and you will remove it later. Repeat with the remaining nine diaper pizza slices.


Step 3

Cut an 18-inch length of 1-inch-wide satin ribbon. Lay the ribbon on your work surface with the length running horizontal. Place a pizza slice on the ribbon with the tapered end at the top and the front side facing up. Adjust the ribbon just above the center of the slice. Cut nine more ribbon lengths and arrange the remaining pizza slices in the same way.


Step 4

Stack small baby care items and toys on the center of each diaper pizza slice. Do not stack higher than the height of the box. Bring the ends of the ribbon to the front of each pizza slice and tie in a bow over the stacked items to hold them in place. Trim the ribbon ends. Remove the sticky tape.


Step 5

Place a small focal toy (no higher than the height of the box) in the center of the pizza box. Arrange the pizza slices around the toy, with the tapered ends touching the toy. Close the box.

Step 6

Measure the top of the box. Cut a square of baby wrapping paper a 1/2-inch smaller than the measurement. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the wrapping paper. Center the wrapping paper on the top of the box. Hot glue the front of the baby shower invitation to the center of the wrapping paper top to finish the gift.


For a small fee, many pizza restaurants will give you a box. If it has advertising on the outside, fold it inside out.


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