How to Reset a Janome Memory Craft 8000

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If your Janome Memory Craft 8000 is having a technical problem, resetting the machine may help. Resetting or recalibrating your machine is helpful if the screen goes blank or is no longer responding to selections.

Step 1

Turn the machine off, and then press the start button, reverse button and auto lock button at the same time.


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Step 2

Turn the machine back on while still pushing the three buttons. After the machine has powered on, release the buttons.

Step 3

Press the + sign at the bottom of the screen, continue pressing each + sign as it appears. The machine will display a "Test Complete" message, turn off your machine.

Step 4

Wait 5 to 10 seconds before powering your machine back on, your machine will run through a diagnostic test and repair any issues it finds.