How to Make a Crown Out of Palm Branches

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Things You'll Need

  • Palm branches and leaves

  • Tape

The long, thin leaves on a palm branch make excellent weaving materials to create crosses, crowns and other crafts.

Palm Sunday occurs one week prior to Easter in the Christian calendar. For Christians, Palm Sunday represents the day that Jesus Christ rode to Jerusalem just prior to his crucifixion. Upon his entry into the city, the residents of Jerusalem spread palm branches in the road to pave the way for him. Many modern Christian churches celebrate Palm Sunday with the use of palm branches and leaves. Use your braiding skills to make a crown out of palm branches this Palm Sunday to celebrate Jesus, King of Kings.


Step 1

Pull three leaves off a palm branch that are approximately the same length and width. Line them up side by side with their ends and tips together.

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Step 2

Pull off a strip of heavy tape, such as masking tape or duct tape, and use it to tape the three palm leaves together. They should still be positioned side by side, with their edges touching or slightly overlapping. Place the tape at the cut or torn ends of the palm leaves.


Step 3

Braid the leaves together as you would braid hair. To do this, take the leaf on the far right side and cross it over the center to the left side. Now bring the left leaf over the center to the right. Repeat these steps until you have reached the end of the palm leaves.

Step 4

Tape the tips of the palm leaves together at the end of the braid. Form the braided leaves into the shape of a crown by bringing the taped ends together.


Step 5

Measure the crown around someone's head and overlap the taped ends until they fit the head. Tape the two ends together with another piece of tape and wear the crown with the tape in the back.


Be sure to keep the palm leaves flat as you braid, rather than bending them. They will naturally curl under into the shape of a circle as you do this, which will help the crown shape.

Green, fresh palm leaves will be easier to braid than dried leaves. The crown can be allowed to dry after it is formed.



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