How to Make a Christmas Wreath From Palm Fronds

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We typically associate Christmas with evergreen branches, holly and mistletoe, along with a backdrop of wintery snow. Instead of limiting your holiday decor, consider a tropical wreath or beach wreath this holiday season to go with your coastal decor.

Many people celebrating and decorating for the holiday live in climates where the weather is warm and the sun shines year-round. But tropical decor and vibes don't limit you to summer wreaths and floral wreaths—you can customize using tropical foliage for the holiday season. Rather than purchasing a made-to-order wreath, take inspiration from these sunny climates with succulents and tropical plants by crafting a Christmas wreath from palm fronds and other tropical-themed elements.


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Fronds from tropical palm trees come in many different shapes and sizes, so select appropriate items for a DIY palm leaf wreath and consider adding visual interest with complementary leaves, flowers or ornaments. The greenery can be fresh or dried or you can opt for faux versions from a craft store.


Things You'll Need

  • Real or faux palm fronds

  • Wreath form

  • Floral tape

  • Floral wire or hot glue gun

  • Sharp scissors or garden shears

How to Make a Palm Leaf Christmas Leaf

1. Select a wreath form and gather your supplies

Decide how large you want your wreath to be and select a wreath form. These are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, including craft foam, wire and woven cane or vine. You can even make your own wire wreath frame. Use a plastic hula hoop to make a giant wreath.



The wreath form should be an appropriate size for your wreath. A front door wreath, for example, will likely be smaller than a wreath designed as wall decor for your living room or dining room.

You also need floral tape, floral wire or hot glue for securing items to the wreath form. Find sharp scissors or garden shears for trimming the greenery as needed.

2. Design the palm leaf wreath

Plan the design and practice assembling the items in order before attaching palm leaves or other items to the wreath form. Look at images of palm wreaths online for inspiration and get a rough idea of the designs you want to recreate. Choose a style and color that works with your Christmas tree and home decor.


You might want to layer palm leaves neatly around the wreath for a minimalist look, perhaps alternating leaves of different colors and textures. Some wreaths feature a single arrangement on one side only or a symmetrical arrangement with two matching sides. For these types of DIY palm leaf wreaths, put together palm fronds, leaves and other items as a small bouquet with the largest at the back and smallest at the front.



In addition to palm fronds, consider including real or faux tropical flowers, such as birds of paradise, plumeria, orchids and flowering ginger. Shiny baubles, star ornaments and tropical- or beach-themed ornaments such as flamingos, starfish and seashells really bring the festive Christmas theme into your beautiful wreath design.

3. Prepare the wreath form

Wrap floral tape or ribbon around the wreath form if that is part of your design. This step is not required, but it does ensure that no part of the wreath form is visible when you are finished. Woven cane and vine wreath forms are attractive and can remain visible as a design element.



4. Lay out the palm wreath design

Arrange the palm fronds and other optional elements in front of you and try layering them in different ways until you're happy with the results. It can be helpful to take a picture of your arrangement before reassembling the items on the wreath form.


5. Assemble the palm leaf wreath

Starting with the back layer of fronds, which will generally be the largest ones, attach the stems to the wreath form by weaving them in. Secure the fronds with a twist of floral wire, floral tape or hot glue. Continue in this manner, adding additional layers of leaves, flowers, ornaments or other chosen items until your design is complete.



Before lifting your DIY palm leaf wreath off the table, make sure all the items are secure and in the right place. Add more glue, tape or wire if needed

6. Hang the palm leaf wreath

Hang the wreath from a loop of floral wire or ribbon.

A Christmas palm leaf wreath adds a tropical, holiday touch to your home or front door decor. Select a wreath form and attach palm fronds with floral wire, floral tape or glue. Add embellishments such as flowers, ornaments and bows to complete your design. This easy, DIY palm wreath adds a personal and tropical touch to your holiday decor.



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