How to Make a Leaf Flute

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Leaf flutes are one of the simplest and most enjoyable instruments out there. They make a hollow, flapping sound that comes from the vibration of two leaves rubbing against each other. Not surprisingly, leaf flutes are made around the world. In this article you will learn how to make a beautiful Japanese leaf flute using just a few strands of coconut leaves and a bit more of patience.


Step 1

Cut out two sections of leaf from the plant that are half an inch wide and two inches long.

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Step 2

Place them flat together. This forms the body of the flute, which will be wrapped by a longer leaf.

Step 3

Take a long strand of coconut leaf, about eight to 12 inches in length, and coil-wrap it tightly around the two strands. Start from top to bottom, making sure that every surface is covered.


Step 4

Squeeze the tip, or the end where you started wrapping the longer frond, so that the two inner leaves separate slightly.

Step 5

Break off a piece of the stem and pin it through the leaf flute on the opposite end of the tip. This is meant to prevent the frond from loosening.

Step 6

Blow into your leaf flute on the tip side to start playing it.


If you do not have coconut leaves, thick grass blades are a good substitute.


Make sure that all leaves are clean and non-poisonous before using them.