How to Recycle a Ryobi Battery

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Ryobi manufacturers power tools that come with rechargeable battery packs. The battery packs are infused with Lithium-Ion batteries. Although these batteries are rechargeable, they don't last forever. When the batteries fail to charge or you no longer have a need for the tool that the battery pack goes with, you can recycle the batteries to keep them from ending up in a landfill.


Step 1

Find a place to recycle your Ryobi battery on Call2Recycle (see Resources). This website has a directory of facilities near or in most communities that will recycle rechargeable batteries. Be sure to verify that the facility recycles Lithium-Ion batteries by calling ahead.

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Step 2

Recycle a Ryobi battery at a major retailer. Retailers such as Lowe's, Best Buy and RadioShack all have recycle kiosks available. All the retailers mentioned above accept the Ryobi power towel battery packs and Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries inside.


Step 3

Locate a recycling center that will accept your Ryobi battery at Earth911 (see Resources). When you enter your zip code, Earth911 will list all recycling facilities or kiosks in the area that will accept rechargeable batteries. It will also list the local county or city facility, and tell you whether these facilities have a drop-off location or will pick up your Ryobi battery.


Some manufacturers allow consumers to return the product to them for recycling. Ryobi, unfortunately, doesn't have this type of program available.

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