How to Clean a Sobakawa Pillow

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Things You'll Need

  • Down pillow protector case

  • Laundry detergent

  • Dryer sheet

The Sobakawa Pillow company makes soft, fluffy pillows filled with goose down. While goose down pillows may be comfortable, if you don't know what techniques are acceptable to use to clean them, the task can be daunting. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to clean your Sobakawa pillow without too much trouble or effort. Cleaning the pillows is quite simple.


Step 1

Protect your Sobakawa pillow from everyday dust and oil from the skin by using a pillow protector case, found in home goods stores or online. These covers are similar to pillowcases, but have ends that zip or button, and are machine washable. Wash the cover routinely.

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Step 2

Place the Sobakawa pillow into your washing machine when the pillow itself has become dirty. Add just a dash of laundry detergent, and wash it on the gentle cycle.


Step 3

Place the pillow in the dryer with a dryer sheet, and run it through a normal drying cycle.

Step 4

Punch the pillow with your fists a few times to fluff it and evenly distribute the feathers throughout the inside. If the pillow is still damp after it is out of the dryer, set it out in the sun to finish drying.


Do not use more than a dash of laundry detergent, or additional rinsing may be required.


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