How To Rent a Place to Throw a Party

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No matter what kind of party you're planning, renting a venue presents an attractive solution for hosts of all ages. Holding the party at a venue instead of your home will provide more space, enable you to invite more guests and end any concerns of personal property damage, guests staying too late and possible disturbances to neighbors. Follow a few simple steps to rent a party venue, and make your event even better for both you and your guests.


Step 1

Plan in advance. Many popular party venues fill up several months, if not years, ahead of time. However, unless you are looking at a popular wedding hall, several months should suffice. As soon as you conceive the party, start looking for suitable locations.

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Step 2

Establish a budget and guest list. Count exactly how many you want to invite so you know the venue size you need. Consider, as well, whether or not guests will sit or stand, and what other equipment (such as a stage, dance floor or dinner tables) you will need. Once you've made your guest list, consider a comfortable price range.


Step 3

Call local venues. If you cannot think of any in particular, consider institutions such as museums, galleries, hotels, churches and music venues, depending on what kind of event you are throwing. Many of these establishments have large amounts of space they rent for parties. Find out which venues are available on the date of your party, and which fit your budget.


Step 4

Gather recommendations. Check with the hosts of successful parties you've attended and see how pleased they were with the space they rented. While you may have enjoyed the party, their negotiations with management may not have been pleasant. Also, find out where your company holds large events and check pricing. You may be able to get a discount if your company has been a good client.


Step 5

Reserve your venue. You may have to pay a deposit and sign a contract; however, this will reserve the room. You are now free to focus on the party itself.

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