How to Prevent Ink From Bleeding on a Ribbon

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Things You'll Need

  • Marker or pen

  • Ribbon

  • Hairspray

Calligraphy is a writing art that can be used on many different surfaces, including ribbons.

Calligraphy is a form of fancy writing that is normally done with calligraphy pens, but pretty much any fine tipped marker or pen can be used to write in calligraphy. This form of writing is used on invitations, ribbons that are attached to decorations, or used by themselves. Calligraphy is also used on important documents such as diplomas, degrees and certificates. Writing on ribbon with ink is a bit difficult because the ink tends to bleed. Use this one household product to prevent the ink from bleeding.


Step 1

Lay the ribbon out and isolate the area where you wish to write. If you do not know how much space you will need, just stretch out the whole ribbon.

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Step 2

Spray the side you will write on with a decent coating of hairspray. Use an aerosol hairspray and hold the can 5 to 7 inches from the ribbon. Hold down the trigger as you move along the length of the ribbon.


Step 3

Allow the hairspray to dry completely before writing on the ribbon.

Step 4

Spray the ribbon again 10 minutes after you have finished writing on the ribbon. This will give you extra protection from ink bleed.


If you are spraying the ribbon indoors, you may want to put an old towel or some wax paper underneath the ribbon so you don't splatter hairspray on your furniture or floors. You may also wish to open a window to properly ventilate the room while using an aerosol can.


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