How to Make Ribbon Stiff to Hold Shape

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Spray starch

  • Liquid fabric stiffener

  • Disposable bowl

  • Wax paper

Ribbon, in its many colors, widths and textures, can be folded, twisted and sculpted into an wide variety number of shapes. When you add the ability to stiffen that ribbon to your repertoire the possibilities become almost endless. Whether you want to keep the loops of your little girl's hair bows puffy, or you want to shape a piece of ribbon to use for jewelry making, stiffening the ribbon makes the job easier.


Spray Starch

Step 1

Cover your work surface with at least two layers of newspaper to protect it from overspray.

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Step 2

Shape the ribbon how you want it using tissue paper or props to help it hold its shape.


Step 3

Spray the ribbon with a light coat of spray starch. Let the starch dry for one hour, and then spray it again to ensure complete coverage. Let it dry for another hour before you move it.

Liquid Stiffener

Step 1

Lay down two layers of newspaper and one layer of wax paper on your work surface to protect it.


Step 2

Pour enough liquid stiffener in a disposable bowl to completely coat the ribbon.

Step 3

Dip the ribbon in the stiffener completely coating. Run the ribbon between your index and middle fingers to wring out excess stiffener.


Step 4

Fold, twist and otherwise shape the ribbon.

Step 5

Place the ribbon on the wax paper to dry. Leave it there for 24 hours. Scrape any crusty edges of stiffener from the ribbon with your fingernail.



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