How to Repair Crushed Ribbon Bows

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You can easily repair wrinkled or crushed bows.

Ribbons are great to use for a variety of things. They can add color to any gift packaging, be used as a sash belt, placed in the hair, etc. However, if the ribbon has been crumpled up or has been stored away for some time, the ribbon bows can get wrinkled, damaged and crushed. Instead of throwing away the ribbon altogether, you can iron it using a flat iron. In less than 30 seconds your ribbon bow will be crisp, straight and looking like new.


Step 1

Plug in a flat iron (or a hair straightener). Turn the iron to the lowest heat setting to ensure the ribbon doesn't burn or melt.

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Step 2

Undo the bow so that the ribbon can lay flat.

Step 3

Hold the ribbon steady in your nondominant hand.

Step 4

Using your dominant hand to hold the flat iron, open the barrels of the iron over the top of the ribbon. Close the iron around the ribbon (ensure that the ribbon is perfectly flat in the iron).


Step 5

Pull the iron down the ribbon slowly to completely press the ribbon.

Step 6

Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 one more time to ensure that all of the wrinkles are removed from the ribbon.

Step 7

Tie the ribbon back into a bow.


To keep your ribbons straight at all times, keep them stored in the middle of a thick book. Make sure the ribbon is lying flat when you close the book.

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