How to Make a Multi Loop Bow

A multi-loop bow is a great way to add a finishing touch to any gift or craft. It is fun and easy to make.

A multi-loop ribbon dresses up any craft of gift. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Things You'll Need

Wire ribbon can also be used to make the bow. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

• Ribbon • Ruler • Scissors

Step 1: Choose Your Ribbon

Choose the color based on your specific project. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Choose the ribbon size and color for your gift or craft.

Step 2: Cut the Ribbon

Cut the ribbon with sharp scissors. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Cut your ribbon to 48 inches or the size of your preference using a ruler.

Step 3: Cut Additional Ribbon

The bow is held together with this piece of ribbon. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Cut a 6-inch piece of ribbon using your ruler and set aside. This will be used later to hold the bow together.

Step 4: Fold the Ribbon

Hold the ribbon tightly to get the accordion shape. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Fold your ribbon like an accordion.

Step 5: Cut a Notch and Tie

The bow is almost complete. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

With your scissors cut a diagonal notch on either side of the ribbon and tie a 6-inch ribbon piece around the notch to secure.

Step 6: Unfold the Loops

Shape the bow gently with your fingers. (Image: Sara Budisantoso)

Unfold each loop of the ribbon to create a full bow.

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