How to Do a Coin Rubbing on Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • White paper

  • Soft lead pencil

  • Coins of different sizes

Coin rubbing on paper is an art project just about anyone can do. It is very simple and even small children can try this. If you have a coin collection of any kind it is fun to try rubbings on paper with all the different coins. Since each coin has two different pictures, try using both the front and back sides of each coin. The more you try it, the more precise and detailed the coin rubbings become. This is also a good way to teach small children about coin denominations by giving them a project that teaches using both a visual and a textural message.


Step 1

Put a coin on the table or desk. You can put either side face up.

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Step 2

Set the white piece of paper on top of the coin where you want the impression of the coin to be.

Step 3

Hold the paper and the coin down firmly so they don't move while you are rubbing.

Step 4

Rub back and forth across the surface of the underlying coin using the side of the pencil lead until an impression of the coin begins to appear. Be careful not to rub so hard that you rip the paper.

Step 5

Continue rubbing until the whole coin shows on the paper. Make it as dark or light as you like. Repeat with the other side of the coin on another part of the paper.


Use a normal weight paper like standard white printer paper. It holds up well to the rubbing motion.


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