How to Inflate a Flat Tubeless Tire

Things You'll Need

  • Air compressor

  • Rope

  • Large stick

A wheelbarrow isn't very helpful with a flat.

A flat tire on your lawnmower or wheelbarrow can quickly derail a day of yard work. Tubeless tires are slightly tricky to inflate once completely flat, as they do not form a complete seal against the rim of the tire unless there is a little air pressure inside. While you can usually remove the wheel and tire, head to a tire shop and have someone inflate the tire for you, there is another method for getting the tire inflated at home.

Step 1

Remove the wheel and tire from your wheelbarrow or lawnmower.

Step 2

Wrap a rope around the circumference of the tire, right down the middle of the tread. Tie a simple knot to keep the rope in place.

Step 3

Push the stick in-between the rope and the tire treads.

Step 4

Grab one end of the stick in each hand and start turning it clockwise. As you turn the stick, the rope will draw tight against the tire.

Step 5

Twist the stick on the rope until you see the bead of the tire pushed against the rim. As the center of the tire moves down, the rest pushes out, forming a seal.

Step 6

Inflate the tire with the air compressor. It may be easier if you have a friend secure the stick while you inflate.