How to Filter Peanut Oil

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Things You'll Need

  • Container with lid

  • Funnel

  • Paper towel

  • Spoon

  • Coffee filter/cheesecloth

  • Tape/rubberband

You may store used peanut oil for up to three months.

Peanut oil is used to fry a large assortment of foods such as a Thanksgiving turkey or French fries for your BBQ. Peanut oil is reusable if it is properly filtered and stored. Filtering peanut oil can be accomplished with items you may already have around your house, and the oil may be stored up to three months and reused as often as you would like.


Step 1

Allow the peanut oil to cool for a few hours. The large food particles will settle at the bottom and you are less likely to burn yourself once the oil has had time to cool.

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Step 2

Place a funnel into a container that is large enough to hold the amount of oil you intend to keep.


Step 3

Place a coffee filter (or cheesecloth) inside of the funnel and secure the filter with a rubber band or tape. The coffee filter should be loose so it may expand once the oil is poured into the funnel.

Step 4

Pour the oil, slowly, into the funnel. You may pour the oil into the funnel until it is almost to the top of the funnel. Wait a few moments for it to drain. If there are food particles clogging the filter then use a spoon to remove them. If the oil has drained into the container you may remove the funnel and tap it upside down into a garbage can to remove the food particles. Continue to pour the oil into the container until it is complete.


Step 5

Lift the funnel away from the peanut oil and dispose of the coffee filter. Wipe the jar completely with a paper towel and then tightly secure the lid.

Step 6

Freeze the peanut oil or store it in a cool place, away from your stove, for up to three months,


Never handle hot oil as it can cause severe burns.


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