How to Change the Oil on a Cub Cadet RZT50

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The Cub Cadet RZT50 riding lawn mower uses a 24-horsepower Kawasaki V-twin overhead valve engine. Just like the engine in your vehicle, it uses oil to lubricate the moving parts. Eventually the oil gets dirty and its lubricating properties diminish, causing the engine to wear. When this occurs you need to change the oil and the oil filter. Cub Cadet recommends that you change the oil and the oil filter after every 50 hours of operation.


Things You'll Need

  • Oil Drain Tube

  • Oil Filter (Km-49065-2078)

  • Drain Pan

  • Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

  • Oil

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Step 1

Start the mower and let the engine warm up for about 10 minutes. This will make it easier for the oil to drain. Turn off the mower.

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Step 2

Open the protective cap on the oil drain valve, which is located on the right side of the engine.

Step 3

Remove the oil fill cap located just above the drain valve.

Step 4

Attach the oil drain tube that came with the mower to the oil drain port. If you have misplaced this tube you can use a piece of 3/8-in. rubber tubing approximately 1 ft. long. Place the other end of the tube into a waste oil container.


Step 5

Open the drain valve by pinching the tabs on its sides and pulling the valve out. Oil will immediately begin to drain.

Step 6

Allow the oil to drain completely. Close the valve by pushing it in until you hear the tabs click. Replace the protective cap.


Step 7

Use an oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter located just above the drain valve. Unscrew the filter by turning it counterclockwise with your hand until you can remove it. Be aware that the filter will be full of oil and you will likely spill some.

Step 8

Use a few drops of the waste oil to lubricate the seal on the new filter. Screw the new filter onto its threaded port and use the oil filter wrench to tighten it slightly more than hand-tight. Overtightening the filter can damage the threads.

Step 9

Insert the funnel into the oil filler neck and add 2 qts. of oil. Replace the oil filler cap.


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