How Long Can You Keep Peanut Oil After You Use It?

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Peanut oil.
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Peanut oil is popular for deep-frying because you can heat it to a high temperature without smoking. This creates fried food that is crispy on the outside and very moist on the inside. Peanut oil is commonly used for deep frying turkeys.



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If properly strained and stored, you can reuse peanut oil two to three times before it shows signs of deterioration. You can often reuse peanut oil more times than other types of cooking oil.


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Allow oil to cool after using.
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Allow the oil to cool to a temperature of 110 degrees F after deep-frying. Strain the oil through a fine strainer or cheesecloth into a clean container. Cover and refrigerate up to two or three months.


Signs of Deterioration

Bubbling oil.
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Peanut oil is unfit to use if it foams, fails to bubble or smokes excessively when you add the food during deep-frying. Do not use if it has a rancid smell or turns a darker color.



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