How to Make a Bunny Tail for a Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Empty cereal box

  • Scissors

  • Yarn

  • 1-inch tab of hook-and-loop tape

A bunny's tail is an important part of your bunny costume -- after all, one of the best-known storybook rabbits is named Peter Cottontail. Attaching the cottontail for a costume or for a cute diaper cover embellishment is a simple process that requires a little yarn, some scrap cardboard and a few minutes of your time -- with no fuss, no muss and no sewing.


Step 1

Cut two 5-inch circles from the cereal box.


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Step 2

Cut 1-inch circles out of the center of the cardboard circles, slitting the edges to the centers to make the cutouts.


Step 3

Hold the circles together.


Step 4

Wrap the yarn through the center holes and around the cardboard ring one time and tie it to hold it on the template.


Step 5

Cover the circles with yarn, sliding it through the slit to wrap the ring. Push the yarn wraps together tightly so the bunny tail will come out full and fluffy.



Step 6

Snip the yarn to separate the yarn-filled rings from the skein.


Step 7

Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn to make a tie. Set it aside.


Step 8

Slide your scissors between the two cardboard circles.

Step 9

Clip the yarn all around the rings.

Step 10

Slip the tie between the cut threads and the rings.


Step 11

Secure the tie around the center tightly and tie a knot. Trim any extra length.

Step 12

Remove the cardboard rings and fluff out the tail.

Step 13

Place one side of the hook-and-loop tape on the bunny tail. Place the other on the costume, and secure the tail to the costume.


Instead of hook-and-loop tape, you can use a large safety pin to attach the bunny tail.

Recycle the yarn puff after the costume party by making a critter friend. Add felt or craft wiggle eyes, felt ears and a felt mouth for a simple toy, or make another pom pom or two, and glue them together for head and body.


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