How to Make Bunny Ears & Tails

This little project is the perfect thing to turn your cute child into an adorable bunny. It takes minutes to make and your kids will love playing with them all year. It's a win, win!

Make a pair of bunny ears and a tail out of oversized pipe cleaners. (Image: Bunny Ears and Tail)

What You'll Need

Supplies to make bunny ears and tail (Image: Bunny Ears and Tail)

To make this adorable craft, you'll need:

  • A headband
  • A pacifier badge clip
  • Extra large pipe cleaners.

You can find all of these easily at most craft stores.

Make The Ears

Form the ears (Image: Bunny Ears and Tail)

Grab your large pipe cleaner and headband and wrap the pipe cleaner securely around the headband to start the form of the ear shape. In between the ears, wrap the pipe cleaner around the headband a few times, and then make the second ear.

Finish Off Your Ears

Finish the ears (Image: Bunny Ears and Tail)

To finish off the ears, wrap the pipe cleaner around securely and cut it off. So easy!

Make The Tail

Make your bunny tail (Image: Bunny Ears and Tail)

Now for the tail! Grab the badge and more pipe cleaner. Close the badge latch around a section of the pipe cleaner then create a circle with the pipe cleaner. Now for the fun part, wrap the pipe cleaner around and around and around to form a ball! Feel free to squish it together to form the tail form you're going for. You really can't go wrong.

Attach For Cuteness

And you're done! (Image: Bunny Ears and Tail)

Attach the tail and stick on the headband for instant bunny cuteness.