How to Make a Yarn Tail

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Things You'll Need

  • Wool yarn

  • Scissors

  • Elastic ribbon

  • Thread

  • Needle

Make a tail prop using craft yarn.

When you are putting together a horse costume for a theatrical production, class play or for Halloween, you can end up spending a lot of money on costume accessories if you buy them from a costume store. One solution is to make the horse costume accessories yourself using craft supplies. For example, create a yarn horse tail using a few basic materials that can be purchased from any arts and crafts supply store, like yarn and hot glue.


Step 1

Cut 30 40-inch pieces of yarn using scissors. Place the pieces of yarn together into a stack.

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Step 2

Cut a 24-inch piece of elastic ribbon using scissors.

Step 3

Fold the stack of yarn in half, and wrap the elastic ribbon around the middle of the folded stack of yarn.

Step 4

Sew the ends of the elastic ribbon together with thread and a needle. This will be the band that will sit around your waist.

Step 5

Grasp the folded area of the yarn where it overlaps the elastic, and wrap a piece of yarn around the folded area. This will secure the yarn onto the elastic, and will make the yarn look more like a tail.


Adjust the measurements according to your specific project.


Keep sharp scissors out of the reach of children.


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