How to Weigh Down Rubber Duckies

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft knife

  • Fish tank gravel

  • Sand paper

  • Super glue appropriate for rubber

Rubber duckies are most often associated with babies and toddlers who enjoy playing with these simple floating bath toys while mom or dad washes them. However, a rubber ducky also makes a fitting decoration for a fish tank or a fishbowl. The problem is most fish tank and bowl decorations rest at the bottom and rubber duckies float. Not to worry -- there is a way to keep these duckies down.


Step 1

Cut a hole, approximately 1-inch in diameter, in the bottom of the rubber ducky. There may not be enough room for a 1-inch hole if you are working with one of the miniature rubber duckies, just make the hole as close to an inch as possible. Set the circle you cut out aside for now.

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Step 2

Fill the rubber ducky with fish tank gravel that matches the color of the duck as closely as possible. Rubber duckies don't just come in yellow -- they come in a wide variety of colors from black to pink. You want to fill the ducky at least halfway but you may prefer to fill it all the way if the duck is slightly transparent therefore making the gravel-filled portion obvious.


Step 3

Lightly sand the inside edge of the hole you cut with a low-grit sandpaper just enough to rough up the surface. Blow away any dirt from the gravel or rubber from the sandpaper. Rough up the outside edge of the circle piece you removed in the same manner.

Step 4

Spread a thin layer of glue around the inside edge of the hole as well as the outside edge of the circle piece. Put the circle back in the hole to plug the ducky. Let the glue dry for the amount of time specified by the product, keeping the ducky upside down in the meantime to keep the pressure off the patch. Once the glue is dry the duck is finished.


You must read the label of the super glue to determine if it is appropriate for use on rubber.