How to Patch a Hole in an Inflatable Mattress

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Things You'll Need

  • Inner tube repair kit

  • Marker or tape

  • Marine Goop

  • Small paint brush

  • Rubber cement

Inflatable mattresses are convenient for camping or for use when guests are staying over at your house. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to store. In addition the inflatable mattresses on the market today are quite comfortable. One common problem with an air mattress is that they are susceptible to holes. Don't throw out your air mattress just because it has a hole. You can repair a hole in an inflatable mattress and return it to like-new condition in no time.


Step 1

Buy an inner tub repair kit for bikes. You can find these kits just about anywhere bicycles are sold.


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Step 2

Determine where the hole is in the air mattress. Fill up the mattress, and listen for the hiss where the air is leaking. Make a small mark on the mattress with a marker or tape to note where the hole is located.


Step 3

Remove all the air from the mattress. You must completely deflate the mattress to make repairing the hole easier.


Step 4

Place the pad that is in the repair kit over the hole. Use the glue included in the kit to glue the edges of the pad over the hole.


Step 5

Apply glue to the bottom of the patch. Place the patch on top of the pad. Apply more glue, if necessary, around the edges of the patch to secure it to the pad.



Step 6

Run your fingers over the patch to smooth it out, and release any air bubbles in the glue. Let the patch dry thoroughly before inflating the mattress. Specific drying times will be included in the instructions of the repair kit.


Step 7

Apply Marine Goop to the hole for an alternative repair method. Apply a coating of Marine Goop directly onto the hole. The glue should be about 1/16-inch thick. Use a small paintbrush to apply the glue, and smooth it out over the hole. Allow it to dry for 48 hours before inflating the air mattress.


Step 8

Use rubber cement to fix the hole for a final method. Spread a generous amount of rubber cement over the hole using a small paint brush. Let the cement dry overnight before refilling the mattress.


Wear rubber gloves when working with Marine Goop. It is very sticky.


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