The Location for a Model Number on a Stackable Frigidaire Washer & Dryer

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The term "stackable" in regards to Frigidaire washers and dryers can describe individual units that the homeowner can stack together using a kit or a manufactured combined washer and dryer unit. As a result, more than one model number for your stackable Frigidaire washer and dryer may exist depending on the type. To locate the model number, you must look for the product label or plate on the unit or units that contains the model and serial numbers.


Step 1

Open the lid or door of your stacked Frigidaire washer or dryer.

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Step 2

Check under the lid or on the door for the product label or plate.

Step 3

Close the lid or door. If you couldn't find the label or plate, look on the back or bottom sides of the unit(s), on the back of the control panel on the washer; or behind the front access panel or on the inside door frame on the dryer (if applicable).



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