How to Cut Corks in Half Lengthwise

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Things You'll Need

  • Vice grips

  • Pencil

  • Electric craft saw

Corks can be cut lengthwise for use in crafts.

Wine corks can be reused as materials for several types of craft, and for home organization and decor projects. Some projects can be completed using whole corks as is, but others require that you slice the corks into circles or cut them lengthwise so that one side is flat. Corks can be cut lengthwise using craft knives, but the process can be risky. Exercise caution while using the knife or serious injuries may result as well as uneven cuts through the cork.


Step 1

Tighten a pair of vice grips around a cork, pinching it at the sides to leave the top and bottom of the cork accessible.

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Step 2

Make a mark across the top of the cork with a pencil. Make the mark along the center of the top of the cork. This is the line you will cut along.


Step 3

Place the blade of the craft saw along the pencil line at the top of the cork.

Step 4

Turn on the saw and slowly pull the blade straight down, through to the bottom of the cork. Keep the blade pointed in the same direction as you cut.


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